Fancy an Egyptian mummy boy in your living room?

Fancy an Egyptian mummy boy in your living room?

Torquay Museum's 2,500 year old Egyptian mummy boy is the star of an Augmented Reality app being developed by the BBC as part of the Civilisations series. We spoke to David Wills, Research Fellow at Torquay Museum to find out more.

The BBC's new nine-part series Civilisations offers new perspectives on humanity’s desire to create. From the first marks on cave walls forty thousand years ago, to art of the present, Civilisations is a landmark BBC Arts series which asks us to question what lies at the heart of our identity and what makes us human.

Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC said: “We want it to inspire the public to take their learning further, and we want the Civilisations Festival to allow them to do just that by engaging with museums and galleries across the UK. Above all, we want to leave a powerful legacy of lifelong cultural enrichment and bring a whole new generation of people together through the arts in a way that only the BBC can.” 

As part of the Civilisations project, the BBC offered museums the chance to be involved in creating content for an Augmented Reality (AR) app, which launches alongside the TV series. Museums were invited to offer their most exciting objects and artefacts from their collections. Forty key items were chosen to feature in the app, including Torquay Museum's Egyptian mummy boy. 

It’s the next level of museums. It will just, I think, make people more passionate about museums, art and culture. People can’t visit all the museums in the world, but they can get their tablet or their computer and they can look at something.
— David Wills, Research Fellow, Torquay Museum
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The mummy boy was 3D scanned and is now being brought to life through the app, allowing us all to see these museum objects via our phone and tablets. The app uses through-camera and marker-less tracking to let you inspect and experience the objects in the comfort of your own living room. Other exhibits featured include Rodin's The Kiss from the National Museum of Wales the and Umbrian Madonna and Child from the National Museum of Scotland. 

BBC scanning Torquay Museum's Egyptian mummy boy - Torbay Culture, The Shorely

Go see the Egyptian mummy boy alongside diverse collections and exhibits at Torquay Museum. Opens weekly Mon-Sat. Entry just £3.95 for kids and £6.45 for adults. Download the app via Apple iTunes and Android Play Store





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