An Al Fresco Dining Experience at One World's Beach Bar

An Al Fresco Dining Experience at One World's Beach Bar


One World Bar and Restaurant is back after a 4 month refurbishment With a new locally sourced menu, stylish interiors and lively music events. We met with the owners for a tasty first hand experience - read our latest review!

Hidden amongst the greenery of Abbey Park, adjacent to Torquay’s Riviera Centre, stands a unique open air venue. Being only their 12th week of opening, and with an impressive 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor already, owners Alex Downey and Hayley Griffiths are clearly thriving and leaving customers with nothing but full bellies and smiling faces.

Hayley and Alex coincidentally contacted each other on the same day after 15 years when Hayley was going through the process of buying One World and both collaborated as friends and business partners to go into it together. Before purchasing the venue, Hayley worked as an Auxiliary Nurse on A&E for 11 years whilst Alex did event organising, running The Attic, co-owning Coffee & Vinyl as well as working full time at Jewsons since he was at school. Whilst getting refurbishment underway, Hayley and Alex were joined by Josif Wild, an amazing chef from On the Rocks restaurant, and it was the three of them that worked together which got One World how it is today!

“I’m so lucky and love the beautiful place, staff and customers. I’m the luckiest girl alive!” - Co-Owner, Hayley Griffiths


It was a perfect evening for some al fresco dining, you could hear the energetic ambience walking down the stairs into One World. Arriving it genuinely felt as if we were stepping into a holiday with the middle eastern influenced interiors and eclectic music.

"Even though we’re not on the beach, it’s a place you can come with the dog, straight off the beach, have a cocktail, have some good food or you can come for breakfast and it’s just chill… it’s not a cafe, it’s more of a bar and restaurant” - Chef, Josif Wild


The menu has been revamped as relaxed dining. Whether you want a quick breakfast, late lunch or dinner or maybe just a refreshing cocktail, One World is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

”We call it an al fresco dining experience. We always have music on and you can just come and enjoy some food and drink” - Co-owner, Alex Downey


The delicious menu mainly consists of small plates, large plates and bowls, as well as daily specials which includes ‘fish of the day’ - locally sourced, fresh fish from Brixham Harbour - meat specials and ‘soup of the day’. With so many choices, it’s hard to make a decision!

“The idea is that it’s super casual, very little and few elements on the plate, but all homemade and all simple foods.” - Chef, Josif Wild

We were sat down outside in the beautifully lit dining area to get the full al fresco dining experience and were spoilt for choice with the food menu. What caught our eye was the Korean BBQ fried Chicken Wings! The dish arrived with a Gochujang glaze topped with pickle red ginger, charred lime and sesame accompanied with Polish Kabanos sausage, kosher pickles, sauerkraut and yellow mustard. The aromatic smell of Asian flavours and smoky BBQ sauce instantly made our mouths water - not only was the presentation stunning, but the taste of that sweet BBQ sauce mixed with a kick of spice made each mouthful wanting more. 


Next was the ‘fish of the day’ which was Red Mullet accompanied with homemade salsa verde sauce, kale and lemon. The fish is served on the bone - how it’s served best. The fish was so succulent and fresh that it came off the bone with such ease, the kale was so tasty and more-ish and complimented the fish very well. The fact that the fish served is locally sourced from the Bay and cooked from scratch, made the meal a tasty delight and certainly filled our bellies. 


One World cater for all tastes and desires, whether you’re a meat or fish lover, vegetarian or vegan. We managed to squeeze in just one more dish! We opted for one of their vegan dishes; the Miso Aubergine, with pickled ginger, 50/50 of rice and quinoa and Kimchi hot sauce. This dish was vibrant with colour and the Asian flavourings and cuisine style was impressive. The aubergine skewers were packed with textures - soft oozing centre and then the slight crisp of the juicy skin. Mixed with the rice, this was a stunning dish!


With their new outside Tiki Cocktail Bar opening, this adds to the al fresco dining and again makes you feel as though you’re on an exotic holiday, sipping on a refreshing cocktail outside and listening to some chilled music. Maybe take your drink over and sit in the Moroccan Corner for a more relaxing setting. Offering various cocktails, the outside bar is available through Wednesday to Sunday - creating that mid-week lounge environment to then getting ready for stepping into the weekend.


As well as the amazing variety of food served, One World also pack the experience with music. Weekends are usually their prime time for hosting live music events. Fridays tend to be live music band performances, for example, just recently the venue was jam packed during the Mad Dog Mcrea & Hoarse event. Saturdays are a mixture of music events mainly featuring Funk, Soul, Mod, Rock & Roll, Ska, 60’s, Vinyl and Reggae. Sundays are a more chilled setting, with acoustic sessions every week at 2pm to wrap up the weekend on a relaxing note.


If you haven’t already, head down to One World for great food and music! This is the perfect idyllic place to go with family, friends and even your dog! Located at Abbey Park, Torquay, TQ2 5HP - open daily from 9-5pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9-11pm, Wednesdays and Sundays 9-10pm. For booking availability, upcoming events and more you’re best to visit and Like their Facebook page.

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