The Kindaplace we love! Step inside the Paignton venue that's all heart

The Kindaplace we love! Step inside the Paignton venue that's all heart


Step inside Kindaplace and you’ll immediately feel better. Not only does this venue have some of the most amazing views of the Bay and out to sea, it’s also a place for reflection, relaxation, inspiration and community connection. As the name suggests, this is a place driven with a social purpose.

Formerly known as the Preston Sands Hotel, Kindaplace is the community-driven venture from The Missing Kind charity. Their mission is to establish a network of communities, venues and projects, supporting those with a passion for social justice to make their difference in the world. We sat down with the charity's inspiring Founder Hugh Callacher to discover more about the charity and Kindaplace in Paignton, South Devon.


Hugh Callacher was an engineer and company director, who became extremely successful. However, there was something missing from his life and materialism was never his thing. He turned to philanthropy and started a charity in 2015 called, The Missing Kind:

"I used to own a few companies, and I climbed to the top of my ladder, looked over the wall and realised it was the wrong wall. I realised that kindness wasn't around that CEO environment; I had a taste of wealth and realised that it wasn't for me. I stepped back, looked down and saw 'kindness' was at the bottom of my ladder, back when I had nothing.

I don't have my own family, but I wanted a purposeful life, so I put my efforts into the charity sector. I came back to the UK to try and do something at home. We started the charity The Missing Kind in 2015, and part of it was that we wanted to find a hotel. This hotel came to my attention, because my brother was working here, and of course, this beautiful view." - Hugh Callacher, Missing Kind founder and chair of trustees.


After the charity purchased the hotel back in 2017, it ticked over as a destination for package coach holidays as they started to implement their plans. Now, the Kindaplace is open and and ready to welcome you inside and join the community-led mission:

"This venue is designed to be multi-functional. So we have the Kindacafe with healthy vegan food, because we want to be kind to animals, kind to the planet, kind to people. Then next door we have the old bar area, which used to have a disco there. Now, it's a function room, like this morning we had some people doing yoga in there and last night was sound therapy and Tai Chi." - Hugh Callacher, Missing Kind founder and chair of trustees.


Now The Missing Kind has landed in Torbay, Hugh has come to realise how important it is for the charity to be here. Hugh hopes this new place in Paignton can connect people of any age and background. He has a particular passion to support those who are struggling with their mental health, as well as homelessness.

The ultimate goal of the Kindaplace is to bring people together, support them and push their passions to make their difference in the world. If you have an idea that will help others in the community around you, Hugh and his team of volunteers want to help out:

"I didn't how desperate the community was for a place like this; I just saw it as a retreat centre. After speaking to people from the NHS, and the homeless groups, we realise we fit so well down here and we want to make an impact here.

If someone has the passion for making a difference, we'll support them, as simple as that. There are various ways of doing that, like sharing our facilities, but all you have to do is apply online, and we can kick start something." - Hugh Callacher, Missing Kind founder and chair of trustees.

The Kindaplace is now open on Preston Sea Front. Head down to either retreat in the cafe, take a wellbeing class or find support for your community ideas. For more information about The Missing Kindness charity visit their website or head down head to the Kindaplace's facebook page.

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